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We can't wait to get you started on your dream hair journey! Fill out the extension application below and we will respond within 24 business hours.

You will then be contacted to set up an in person consultation with one of our extension specialists to discuss your hair goals and dream hair road map!


Are hair extensions right for me? 

If you struggle with growing your hair, volume and fullness, you are working on growing out a haircut or are looking to add pops or color or brightness without damaging your hair - extensions could be the answer for you! 

Will they damage my natural hair? 

No! First and foremost we want to be sure we are taking care of your natural hair. If taken care of properly there should be no damage to your hair. 

What is the cost?

Cost varies for each method but usually $800 - $3000. 

Maintenance appointments for some methods will be less.

What does maintenance look like?

We offer a few different extension methods, hand tied extensions being the most popular. The maintenance for each extension method is as follows:

Hand Tied - 7-10 weeks. 

Keratin Bond - 3-5 months. 

Tape in - 4-6 weeks.



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